Open Office Hours

Client Only Focused - Wednesday's @ 2pm CST

What are CSP Open Office Hours?

Open Office Hours are an extremely beneficial FREE resource that we offer to all clients. You can learn so much from questions you ask, questions others ask, demonstrations, and sneak peeks of new features coming down the road.

We understand these meetings can be intimidating depending on your level of experience in the system but we want to make it clear that these times are for everyone, whether you are just beginning or at a more complex stage. The best way to learn the software is to dive in and see how it all works, which is why we highly encourage attending!

Wednesday's @ 2pm CST

These meetings are for our clients where we walk through your CSPRO questions.

Open Office Hour Guidelines


Ask questions one by one...give everyone a chance

In order to ensure that everyone has a chance to get their questions answered, please avoid pasting a long list of questions into the chat at once or asking more than one question at once like "oh, just one more question....just one more....just one more" (unless it's related to the conversation being had). You are more than welcome to put your questions in the chat one by one and we will get to them in order to give everyone a fair chance to learn.

Asking your questions one by one and allowing others space for their questions, we provide an equal opportunity to learn for everyone attending.


Be Ready To mind & open ears

We totally understand how eager you are to get your questions answered, and we are just as eager to help answer them!

Sometimes this eagerness, on both ends, tends to distract us from listening since we want to give as much context as possible to make sure we are heard. This also means that when your question is being answered that you are actively listening, not working on other screens, or distracted. This is because it is disrespectful to those that are here to really get help & their time.

Make sure you join us with an open mind and ears, so we can make sure we start on the same page when we help you, since that is what this FREE resource is for.


Provide feedback or follow up questions appropriately

We always encourage those that attend OOHs to provide their expertise, suggestions, ideas, and questions that may arise from the conversation being had!

With that being said, we also always try to do this in a respectful manner that doesn't take over the person's question. In order to do this, please raise your zoom hand, type in chat, or wait until the end of the question to add your thoughts.


No information tolerance policy

We are very grateful to be able to offer a space like this multiple times a week to everyone! In order to receive answers to their questions, attendees may share sensitive information which will not be allowed to be shared without permission from the person sharing.

With that being said, we will continue to keep this space a safe, open, and trustworthy one where attendees will not steal, record, copy, obtain in any way, or screenshot any information that other attendees are sharing. If you are found to be participating in any of such acts, you will be removed from OOH and no longer able to attend.

By joining the meeting, you are agreeing to follow the above guidelines. If you are found to not follow the above rules, you will be asked to leave & not return

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